The mission of the Aldersgate United Methodist Church is to glorify God by sharing Christ’s transforming love, introducing Christ to those who do not know him, and inviting people to join us in becoming devoted followers of Christ serving in the world.

From the Pastor (September 2019)

RALLY DAY Back to Church Rally Day and Ministry Fair It’s September! Let us give thanks and praise to God for all the wonderful blessings that God has poured upon us in the summer. Let us welcome another great season. It’s time to work a harvest for our souls and for...

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From the Pastor (May 2019)

Greetings! Easter People! Is Easter over? No, it has just begun! Easter is not a one-day thing. Easter Sunday is the beginning of the Easter season. We are Easter people, which means we live by the Easter faith. Let me share again the story I told in my Easter sermon:...

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