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The Spiritual Path brochure and accompanying worksheet are designed to help you determine where you are on your spiritual path, and to help you plan your spiritual journey going forward.

Where are you now?

This page of the brochure is divided into the four stages of spiritual growth, beginning with “Explore” and following clockwise to “Christ-Centered.” Use page 1 of the worksheet to consider five different aspects of your spiritual life. The numbered phrases on this chart correspond with the numbered lines on the worksheet. Select the ones that best describe you right now and check the corresponding boxes on the worksheet. It’s okay if you have items selected within different spiritual stages or if you have more than one selected within a single category.

Where do you want to be?

Now turn the brochure over to see opportunities for growth in each of the four spiritual stages. The center stepping stone is color-coded to help you match the three different types of opportunities available within each spiritual stage. Use page 2 of the worksheet to note which opportunities interest you.

When you have filled out your worksheet, consider this – what next steps is the Lord leading you to take on your spiritual journey? Contact the pastors and leaders at Aldersgate for guidance along the way.

You can download the different documents by selecting the links below:

Spiritual Path Brochure

Spiritual Path Worksheet

Spiritual Path Presentation (this presentation explains how to use the brochure and the worksheets by using an example)


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