Is there someone that will greet visitors?

Yes! Absolutely! One of our ushers will greet you at the door and hand you a bulletin. Please feel free to ask for assistance, directions to the restrooms, etc We are ALL here to welcome and assist you.

Is there handicapped parking available?

Yes. There are handicapped parking spots reserved in front of the church. We also have an elevator to help you avoid the stairs if so needed.

Is free parking available?

All parking is free.

How will I know if worship is cancelled due to inclement weather?

If worship service is cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather, an announcement will be posted on our website and social media accounts as soon as the decision is made. However, we encourage all visitors to exercise caution when making the decision to travel in inclement weather.

Can non-members attend a worship service?

Yes! All are welcome in the United Methodist Church. During this worship service we hope you have experienced God’s loving presence, forgiveness, encouragement, and hope. If you would like to devote your life to the Way of Christ, and/or make Aldersgate United Methodist your church home, we invite you to discuss your intentions with one of our Pastors after the service, or call our office during the week at 585-663-3665.

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