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A New Ministry is Born

We are beginning a new ministry at Aldersgate Church. This ministry has been on our hearts for some time. There are several reasons this ministry seems so right to us. First, we have prayed about it for a long time. Second, we found ourselves talking through the program many times when we had no plans to even discuss it. We believe the Holy Spirit has His hands on this! Third, this is a ministry that requires us to come together as a congregation, to pray and tend to those around us that may are need. This is just another reason for us to look at this as God leading us as an entire church! Lastly, we believe in our hearts that we need to be part of something much larger than ourselves.

Helping Hearts has no chance of thriving without your help. We need referrals from you. The people we are looking for are neighbors and friends in your own neighborhoods. We are looking for people that may be financially or physically incapable of doing minor or basic work in and around their house.

Once we receive the referral from you, we will call them for an introduction and set up an interview. We will then interview them to determine if we can assist them based on several criteria. If it is a good match for us we will set a date to do the work. Upon completion of that work we will invite them to our worship service and pray for them.

Our goal is simple. We will use His gifts and our time to help those among us that may not be able to do everything that needs done. Second, we will use this time to subtly share Christ’s love through our attitude towards each other and toward the people we are helping.

We desperately need referrals from you! You can pick up referral forms in the church office. Fill them out and return them to the office. Nancy and I will pick them up there. Or just use the button below to send your referral online.


Please continue to pray for us and this ministry as we begin to share His gifts and our time!

We hope that you will get excited about this hands-on ministry and join us in taking the love of Christ out into the streets! If you have any questions you can email us at or call us at 585-943-0890.

We would love to hear from you!

In gratitude,

Ken and Nancy Rex

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